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April 23, 2014

Infowars Survival Shield vs Detoxadine Nascent Iodine

Survival_Shield_vs_DetoxadineAs an alternative media viewer like myself, I come across some interesting things not seen in the mainstream media.

Unlike mainstream media alternative media has to find funding from other means such as selling products, donations, or investors.

One of the biggest alternative media sources is Infowars hosted by Alex Jones.
He (Alex) often advertises a product called Survival Shield™ Nascent Iodine which is supposed to:

  • Supports thyroid health
  • Supports the immune system
  • Reduces effects of radiation exposure
  • Helps balance iodine levels

Survival Shield™

The Invention of Survival Shield™ & What Sets It Apart

Survival Shield™ is manufactured in a state-licensed facility that meets federal regulatory standards, is cGMP/HACCP-compliant, and lab grade. Raw elemental iodine is a controlled substance both at a State and Federal level. The licensing, approvals and regulatory documentary procedures are exacting and costly.

The production process of Survival Shield™ has a stabilizing effect on the elemental iodine, making it in to a simpler form of nascent iodine.

Bound forms of iodine must first be separated, clarified and purified from other binding components or impurities into a USP-grade (US Pharmaceutical), mono-elemental iodine as certified USP resublimated iodine crystals. In this purified crystal form, iodine is a highly reactive and toxic substance. However, when the purified USP iodine crystals are subjected to a proprietary process it becomes nano-colloidalized and transforms into a form of elemental nascent iodine, also referred to as monoatomic iodine, without the addition of iodides!


Survival Shield Label


Survival Shield Bottle

Now as you can see in the Infowars video above Alex tells you to “Go and research it yourself”  So I did, and found the website GlobalHealingCenter.com. To my surprise the bottle looks exactly the same! Now I’m curious… so lets take a look at Detoxadine™


Detoxadine is sold and endorsed by a Dr. Edward F. Group III of GlobalHealingCenter.com and has a huge list of accomplishments. An Army veteran with two Army achievement medals, a good conduct medal, overseas ribbon, and attended six different universities. You can check it out on his about page.

Detoxadine® is Global Healing Center’s brand of standardized nano-colloidal nascent iodine. It is manufactured with a unique transformative bio-elemental matrix using a revolutionary process to make it more gentle on your digestive system than other iodine supplements.

Intended for human and animal use as a daily, dietary supplement, the nascent iodine in Detoxadine® is an important part of sound metabolic, cardiovascular, liver, bone and CNS health. Iodine is the mineral basis of the HPT (Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Thyroid) Axis, and many believe that the HPT Axis is the underlying basis of the HPA (Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Adrenal) Axis. Proper thyroid and endocrine function are absolutely necessary for the body to perform at the peak of health.


Detoxadine Label


Detoxadine Bottle

OK, lets compare the two from what we see here!

Survival Shield

$29.95 w/shipping rates by location

Supplement Facts:
6 drops for 2,694 mcg
100 servings


$29.95 w/free shipping & return

Supplement Facts:
3 drops for 1,347 mcg
200 servings

So basically the two are exactly the same except for the daily recommended ‘drop’ amount.

If you take Detoxadine™ 1,347 mcg x 2 = 2,694 mcg.
It adds up to exactly what Survival Shield™ daily amount recommends.

Now I must note that Dr. Edward has appeared on the Alex Jones radio show in the past. So it’s pretty obvious at least in my eyes that Dr. Edward is the Infowars Survival Shield™ secret source!

I personally choose to buy from Infowars.com because I strongly support alternative media. For the little extra cost for shipping, I believe it’s money well spent!

Take your pick…

Infowars Survival Shield


UPDATE: Alex Jones did openly admit on his radio show today that he in fact does get his product made from Dr. Group!

I also did an extent online research if a third-party manufactured the Nascent Iodine for Dr. Group & Infowars.

After talking with a Global Healing Center rep, they (GHC) do indeed manufacture Detoxadine & Survival Shield in-house.

Sources for this article include:


Global Healing Center


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